• Has excellent grain yield and has been the highest yielding variety in all zones. It has the highest yield potential in medium and high rainfall areas and is similar to Wandering in low rainfall areas
  • A tall dwarf, mid season oat similar in height and maturity to Wandering
  • Similar hectolitre weight and grain size to Kojonup with lower screening
  • Similar grout percentage to Carrolup
  • Improved stem rust, leaf rust and septoria resistance
  • Premium milling variety and most commonly grown export hay variety
  • Tall variety with lower yields than dwarf varieties such as Wandering
  • Durack Oats is a moderately tall variety similar in height to Carrolup and measuring between 80 and 90cm. It is a short season (7 to 10 days earlier in maturity) than Carrolup or Williams.
  • Excellent grain quality with low screenings and high groat percentage.
  • Resistant to CCN R
  • Retains excellent grain quality even in a tough finish
  • Offers growers in medium to high rainfall zones a good option in case of a late break
Kowari - "New"
  • New High Yield Oat Variety to help reduce Cholesterol. It is dwarf in stature slightly taller than Mitika with excellent grain quality and will suit most traditional oat growing areas of Australia. It was derived from a cross between Mitaka and a WA breeders line.
  • Improved B-glucan content - 5.2%(dm basis) compared to 4.4% for Mitaka. Produces increased levels of beta glucan which helps to reduce blood cholesterol re-absorption.
  • Good 1000 grain weight
  • High protein and groat percentage
  • Competitive grain yield
  • Considered a high quality milling oat
  • Mortlock was released in 1983 by DAFWA
  • Has high level of disease resistance
  • Suited to a broad range of sowing times
  • Not an accepted variety for export hay market due to palatability
  • Tall medium maturing older hay variety
  • Sow 120kg + to avoid thick stems
  • Grain yield not as high as others, has low husk lignin
  • Tall dwarf oat and is considered to have good straw strength.
  • Late maturing high yielding hay variety
  • Grown in lower rainfall areas
  • Low disease resistance – unsuitable for disease prone locations
  • Produces a feed grain with low husk lignin and low hectolitre weight

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